Beachy Curtains for Living Rooms

Your house is supposed to be that go-to place where you retire from work or the day’s strenuous activities. You enjoy a sense of comfort, safety, and relaxation in your space. There, you build lasting memories with friends and family. Yet, for some reason, despite the serenity a good home gives us, we yearn for vacations and trips. We often do this because of the pleasure we derive from a change of scenery, the fun of meeting new people and being at places you have dreamed of going, and then, there’s just one simple truth – the view.

Have you observed that vacations and fun trips are to “beachy” places more often than not? Have you ever taken time to sit and watch a beach intently, shutting out everyone present? It feels like the scenery of the coast, its nature, and its activities reach out to the deepest part of our humanity; at that point, it feels like we could connect, and the environment could relate with our plight and, much more, it consoles us. What about the relief from what would then seem like the outside world? The undeniably appealing rooms that give you that relaxing, deep sleep you yearn for?

If our being loves and groans for such amusements, it begs the question, why do we need to wait till a particular time of the year? Why do we need to strain to put together some funds for this somewhat therapeutic relief? Some can’t even raise funds for such trips. Why can’t we bring the beach to us?

In this “Beachy Curtains for Living Rooms” guide, you’ll see how you can create that “beachy” appearance and enjoy its lifestyle within the comfort of your house; the acquisition is simple, and you don’t need to empty your savings to experience the beauty of vacation at the beach perpetually.

Kisses of Wind

Kisses of Wind - Beachy Curtains for Living Rooms
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You remember that feeling you get every time you arrive at the beach – the breath of fresh air. You sigh deeply, breathing in as much fresh air as your nostrils could take. So why is that feeling different at the heart of the city? Crowd!

The idea here is to create an airy atmosphere and open your house, similar to the beach. First off, your house arrangement should employ an open layout, limiting the use of furniture and accessories. In addition, a sandy color palette touched by blue should do the trick. Finally, light fabric curtains that wave at the behest of air are best to simulate the “beachy” experience.

Ocean Blues

Ocean blue
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The blue horizon, the blue sky, and boats are some of the few beauties of the ocean, assuming you don’t get seasick. But, of course, all of those may not matter at that time. So the blue color design should replicate the blue sky, blue ocean waves, and the blue horizon.

Sometimes, on the boat, you look out down to the ocean, trying to see how deep it goes. You can replicate the beauty of deep waters by including tapestry curtains with flat box pleats colored midnight blue in your room.

A boat sail is, perhaps, the unique feature of boats. You can have that with a casual Caribbean design on your curtain. In addition, there is decorative hardware, such as seashell finials, thick rope tiebacks, and driftwood curtain rods, which could lock in the ocean view for you. Here you can check more about double rod curtain ideas.

Hello Captain!

Hello Captain
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If you desire the shipshape appearance, seafaring vessels can inspire themes for your windows and surroundings. Ship flags, stripes, and ocean charts would do the trick for a child’s room, giving them vivid imagination of what a captain’s room feels like.

The color scheme is one of the basics you can’t ignore, including cheerful looks like blue or red. However, you would like to balance the colors with a background of neutral tones of cream and sand. Instead, use refined patterns (or cotton blends) for curtains in the living room to prevent unnecessary clutter.

It’s All White

Its All White
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You can’t escape the ocean mist when you live at the beach. It’s amazing how the ocean gets covered with what seems like dense white air before day breaks, as though it has come to revitalize the sea for another day before the mist begins to dissipate. What about the white sands? Have you ever wondered what makes beach sands white? Well, I don’t know either, but we enjoy the view, walk on it barefooted, and even play with it.

With bright and light white Dupioni silk curtains, you can give your living room the theme of a beach when the mist lifts; that is a sunny beach when the white sands glow. Large windows could be draped with white sheer curtain panels hung wider than the window frame. You can read more about Drapery Ideas for the living room.

It’s possible to go on and on with some features you could put in place to turn your living room around with your curtains’ “beachy” interior design. But we can’t exhaust all options here. Besides, the fact is that what appeals to us differs from one person to another. However, there are general design characteristics to employ to update your home.

Beachy Curtains for Living Rooms Characteristics

  • Curtains and Window Treatments

Curtains and Window Treatments
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Curtains that are light sunscreen blinds are perfect for a “beachy” design. Employ window treatments that permit natural light into the house. Allowing lots of natural light does not necessarily dissolve the beautiful view of the room; hence, the use of light curtains that reduce the light’s intensity and at the same time provide you a clear picture of the outside privately.

However, if you live in an area where you get little light, well, that’s the essence for window treatments – to seemingly enhance the intensity of light that reaches your window. Still, then, you can also mimic natural light by using warm artificial light in your room.

  • Translucent Blinds

Translucent Blinds
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Translucent fabric blinds are made very tightly with polyester yarn and a protective precise coating finishing, making them perfect for keeping out the heat that accompanies rays of light. The blinds are also helpful for filtering light, thereby creating a relaxed soft atmospheric environment.

  • Lovely and Comfy Linen

Lovely and Comfy Linen
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When you go to the beach, I’m sure you don’t do that wearing suits, suede or satin. Instead, there are appropriate casual and chill materials, especially linen and cotton, to wear in the environment. But, of course, you would have to apply the same to your house; imagine these materials’ soft, touchable textures. They make the room look light. More so, they are easy to wash.

  • Airflow

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Airflow is essential to a “beachy” home. While purchasing curtains that are light to allow an inward flow of air is vital, the house’s structure mustn’t be anti-airflow. It implies that restructuring and removing borders, making a room seamlessly flow into another, encourages steady airflow, particularly in the living and dining rooms. The cross (or more like roundabout) ventilation leaves the house smelling and feeling fresh.

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Note this does not mean your house should look like a treehouse of some sort; there are designs to create space in your home while still giving it a cohesive look.

  • Layered Neutrals

Layered Neutrals
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Like I earlier opined, the home is supposed to be that relaxing and refreshing place we retire to from our day’s work. These are the two primary features beaches offer – refreshment and relaxation. To give that effect in your room, you must consider light, including colors, walls, fabric, and the likes. I mean, what are the neutrals you’ll find at the beach? The sand, for instance, a mixture of white with sandy tones, can give the beautiful appearance of a beach in the house.

  • Color

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Some colors are specific or unique to the beach. It’s unlikely to find colors such as purple, some shades of standard colors. So, you’d want to pay close attention to your colors as well. For instance, green presents the feeling of the surrounding foliage on the beach. A shade of orange color offers a sun-like appearance. Bright pinks remind you of the coral. Blue! Of course, the blue color is probably the most prominent.

Wrap Up

Why so much fuss about curtains and their roles in creating a “beachy” home? Yes, it’s indeed true that curtains stay open most of the time to allow rays of light into the house, but they are indeed works of art. They give a finishing unlike any other to your room. (Quickly imagine your room without curtains – it’s going to look bare and incomplete; you’ll feel open to the world.) Curtains give off a feeling about the space – lightness, warmth, coziness, or uneasiness.

Aside from these, curtains provide privacy and help to accentuate the height of a room. By doing so, they simultaneously frame the shapes of doors and windows, adorning them beautifully. In addition, curtains add a touch of beauty to your walls. So, picking the right curtain to create a “beachy” house goes a long way in giving the room the appropriate appearance.

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