How to Make a Room Look Light and Airy

Giving your room a light and airy look is a smart way to add elegance to your room. There are many ways you can improve the airiness and spaciousness of your room without compromising on your comfort and style. Here are some suggestions to help you:

Use Light Colors

Use light colors
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Colors play an important role in the look and feel of a house. If you want your room to look light and airy, there is a lot you can do with colors. However, some colors are dark and make a room look occupied. So, to make your room feel light and airy, you can incorporate light colors into it. Light colors such as cream, white, and light yellow come in handy here.

This does not mean that you have to restrict yourself to these few colors. You can have your room painted in other colors like light, and soft brown, green and blue are suitable. Perhaps you are a lady and want a lady’s touch; you can use pink or pale lavender.

You might want to paint your house with other colors as you wish. However, it will give it a light and airy look if you line the wall with white color. Light radiates and shines brighter in a room painted with light color. You might want to use light colors for different things in the room.

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Adjust Your Furniture

Adjust your furniture
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One thing that makes your room feel congested and thick is the space available for you to maneuver after putting your furniture and other things.

The kind of furniture you have in your room will determine if your room will feel light, airy, spacious, or tight and thick. Your furniture should be in the appropriate size. If your room is large, you can have large furniture and enough space. However, large furniture in a small room will feel tight and choking.

It is better to do away with many pieces. Sticking to the basics and having the necessary ones is an intelligent way to manage space. Having a lot of room makes a few pieces of furniture look brighter and lighter than having the entire space choked up.

Using airy materials like rattan, wood (with light color), or wicker can give your furniture a light, relaxed and smart look and feel. The fabric you use for your furniture will also impact its feel. For instance, linen, silk, and cotton materials make furniture look smart, smooth, and light rather than heavy leather and other thicker materials.

You can add some throw pillows to your sofas to give them a smarter look. Throw pillows bring out the brightness in a room and make it look lighter and airy. But, of course, you can also have your throw pillows in light colors. Colors like light grey, white, brown, light yellow, and cream are great choices.

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Get a Few Accessories.

Get a few accessories
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The number of accessories you have in a room will determine if it is spacious or not. A spacious room will give a light feel and aura. Minimal accessories give your room an aura of elegance without taking up the entire space. On the other hand, if your space is cluttered and fussy, it will close it in and make it look small and tight.

Having little accessories like a few pots of plants, a few works of art, and a small sculpture are some ways you can make your home lively without having to use up all the space. When putting artworks on your wall, ensure that you do not have them cluttering the wall. It is appropriate to have a few and have some space between them. This will give the wall a large look. It will also make your home look sophisticated and smart in addition to looking spacious, airy, and light.

Tweak Your Window Treatment

Tweak your window treatment
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The size of the windows in your room can make it look small, choked up, or light and spacious. However, you can do little about a room with small windows, especially if the apartment is rented. All hope is not lost. Irrespective of the size of the windows in your house, you can make the best of it.

Using white curtains or curtains with other lighter colors helps to convey a light and airy look. You may want to use roll-up blinds. They make your room look light and airy.

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Go For a Lighter Floor.

Go for a lighter floor
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Everything in your has a specific look, contributing to the room’s general look. Your floors are essential in conveying a light and airy look in your room. If your floor is made of hardwood and has a dark color, it will make your room look tight. A floor with light color is better suited to achieving a light and airy look. A room with light color tiles is better as well. You may add an area rug with light colors and minimal designs if your room is tiled. You do not want something too loud.

Declutter Your Room

Generally, the best way to make your room look light and airy is to remove everything you do not need. For example, if you have not used something for several weeks or a few months, you might want to take it out of sight. This does not mean that you cannot have anything old and historical in your home; it just means that you do not keep things that do not serve you.

They may even be things that you still use but do not contribute to the new look you are trying to create. For example, now that you want a more spacious and airy place, you might want to keep that furniture that will make no difference in the room if it is out of sight. You might want to take out that accessory that seems to take up extra space. If it does not remove the personality of your room, there may be no use for too many plants and artworks.

Use the Right Lighting.

Use the right lighting
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When it comes to lighting, your personal choice is what matters. However, the lighting must be smart to achieve a light and airy look for your room. During the day, you may want to depend on natural light. However, you may add a little support with subtle lighting to enhance the bright look. An overhead light is a good one to go for. You can improve the elegance further by adding some light support systems like accent lamps.

In the evenings, you can put on a lot of light to carry on the light and airy look. A dark room has a thick and small look to itself. You might want to consider energy consumption in this regard, but you can work around this. You can save energy and still have a well-lighted room.


There are several ways to make your room look light and airy. You can decide to take out some items you are not using and retain a few useful things. You can also tweak the color of your furniture, accessories, floor, and walls to enhance the room’s spacious look. You can also change your window treatment to enhance that look you want.

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