What Is the Difference Between Net and Voile Curtains?

Curtains are important to home decorations which many homeowners spend a fortune to get. However, it isn’t just about getting suitable curtains for you; it is about knowing the difference between the several curtains available.

Many homeowners wonder about the difference between net and voile curtains because both boast off features and designs.

Are you new to the city or town or just moved into an environment looking for the best curtains between net and voile curtains? Read on.

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What Are Net Curtains?

Net Curtains have been around for a while and are made with cotton, silk, and wool. These lace net curtains are flashy and expensive due to the materials. Recently, net curtains have become more affordable because materials can be sourced locally, making them the best curtains for your homes.

Net curtains remain the most popular among homes in America because it has a traditional connection and many families are used to it. The flashy fabric, which many people tend to avoid, especially modest citizens, puts many off.

Advantages of Buying a Net Curtain?

Buying the net curtains is recommended, especially if you are new to a location and are on a tight budget. There are numerous pros of getting net curtains; they include:

Make an Excellent Window Dressing

With net curtains, you can make your window elegant by putting a little softness to your design. Putting a long net curtain will change an ‘ugly’ window to a beautiful one. Reduce window accessories.

Using a net curtain prevents you from using a sander to paint your obsolete windows. With this curtain, you can hide the rusty edges from visitors.

Prevent Rays From the Sun

For those living around locations with extreme weather conditions, the net rains provide a good shield for your room. It also prevents the sun from damaging your bed and furniture. Also, during cold weather, it stops heat from getting outside.

Privacy and Anonymity

Some people want to remain hidden, and getting a net curtain offers them this privacy they need. In addition, it provides a vague vision to strangers and people who peep from outside.

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A key feature that attracts many individuals to buy net curtains is the affordable rates that most of its designs are. You can get quality net curtains cheap at most online stores; however, avoid buying inferior materials.

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About Voile Curtains?

Voile curtains are modern fabrics made with sheer and stylish fabric that offers many features to interior decorators. Though net curtains are knitted, voile curtains are uniquely woven, making them have a smooth finish.

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The Voile fabric is naturally sleek and gloriously embellished. Moreover, all voile curtains are weighted, to ensure it fits perfectly on the windows. So irrespective of the windows in your home, Voile curtains can permanently be installed.

French doors, Italian windows, or European door frames will look better with the viola curtain. Hotel owners can use this curtain because it suits the much-needed privacy lodgers want. A good feature of this curtain is that it is lightweight and can help mitigate the effects of sunlight.

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Benefits of Using a Voile Curtain

The Voile curtain comes with several benefits, which include:


A major attraction of this curtain type is that it’s very sleek and can be installed easily. In addition, the fabric is very soft, and you can fix it yourself in your bedroom or bathroom. You don’t need to drill a hole, and you can get a tension rod installed quickly. or You can look for a curtain rod alternative.

Good for Allergen

Using a voile curtain, especially during the summer, helps you put on extra protection that prevents light. In addition, these excellent fabric aids keep pollen and toxic airborne elements away from your home.

Benefits of using a voile curtain
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Ease of Cleaning

Because of the light nature of this curtain, you can wash it easily, making it a good option for most homeowners.

Good Cover

Individuals who want to remain hidden from outsiders without sacrificing the quality of curtain materials will enjoy the voile material.

Versatile Fabric

This curtain-type remains very versatile in applications because it has great colors, patterns, and styles to fit into most homes. You can use them for your windows, doors, and bedroom pathways.

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Voile can offer a great shade without losing much light when getting the right amount of light. It is excellent to mitigate the effects of light and maintain room temperature.

Fabric Style

This curtain has a clean fabric with which anyone can work and can be used in multiple ways. If you want an ornate window treatment with a touch of swag, this curtain comes highly recommended.

Great Ambiance

The sheer material used in the voile material enables it to provide a good atmosphere for your home. If you are looking for a calm room ambiance irrespective of what happens outside, please use the voile curtain.

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Difference Between the Net and Voile Curtains

Many homeowners remain in a dilemma when it comes to picking either the Voile or net curtains; here are some things that distinguish them:

Difference between the net and voile curtains
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Practical or Decorative

It is often difficult for most people to make a firm decision for both curtains. However, they differ slightly in usage. Net Curtains are always better when you need a practical curtain to help with privacy.

However, if you want something flashy, elaborate, and decorative, you should use the voile option. This is because it has a brighter and gorgeous fabric than the net. Also, traditional homes should go for the net because they offer basic beautiful floral styles.

Trapping of Heat

Another feature that distinguishes both curtains is how they both absorb sun rays. Those worried about heat or cold should purchase the net curtains because it has better and thicker fabric in extreme weather conditions.

While the voile curtain can also cover sunlight, it can’t stand for long because the fabrics used to design it are light and more of English culture.

Windows Length Coverage

Another important thing separating both curtains is length. Voile curtains come top because it performs better when used with huge windows and comes with huge length. On the other hand, net Curtains are more likely to be slimmer and look better with narrow windows.

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It isn’t a secret that net curtains have more durable strands because of the polyester and cotton materials it is made from. However, for Voile, curtains are created from sheer, which is lighter and tighter.

Color diversity

Though you can get both curtains in diverse colors, the net curtains come in elegant colors than the voile curtains, which are a little basic. If you need a curtain that has several styles, themes, and colors, the Voile might be a better option.

Hygiene Issues

Hotel owners who clean curtains regularly have to pick reasonably because net curtains are more straightforward to wash than Voile and other brands. So if you are the busy type or offer public service, the net curtains might be a good choice. On the other hand, Voile is a delicate curtain. Therefore you should be careful washing it, less it tears.

In Summary

This article has done justice to explaining what net curtains and voile curtains are and the differences between them. After that, the ball is in the court of homeowners to choose the curtain that fits their wants, designs, and budget.

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