12 Drapery Ideas for Living Room

It’s essential to get the right drapery ideas for your living room because it’s one of the most critical parts of the house. It is usually the first place your guests come in contact with when they step into your home. It is also where they will likely spend most of their time. Therefore, you need to make them comfortable and pleased with what they see covering your windows.

Some drapery ideas for living rooms are outdated. Still, they can offer good aesthetic quality to the overall appearance of your living room, especially if you are working with a classic theme. However, you can opt for modern and chic drapery ideas for your living room if it suits it better. The most important thing is that you use the best drapery design that suits your living room.

Generally, the best drapery for your living room should effectively block out the rays of the sun when you need it to. It should not make your living room look smaller. If anything, it should appear more prominent or as it is. It should also provide privacy as much as you need.

In this article, you will have some drapery ideas you can choose from to change the face of the window coverings in your living room. However, we should warn you that the outcome may be so mind-blowing you will want to try all the designs before settling on one.

Drapery Ideas for Living Room

Maxi-Length Gingham-Patterned Curtain

Is your home one with a high ceiling, say like a cathedral ceiling, and the walls are painted in cool colors? The Maxi-length Gingham-Patterned curtains will provide a shade that gives you privacy and complements the cool colors of your wall. In addition, because it can be used as a floor-length drapery in your living room, it is excellent for living rooms that are longer than wider as they give the illusion of balancing width and length.

It adds a sort of warmth, depending on the color of the pattern you choose and the color of the furniture and wall, and coolness, if needed.

Maxi Length Gingham Patterned Curtain
Source: Pinterest – Maxi Length Gingham Patterned Curtain

Three-Color Combo Window Treatment

The three-color combo window treatment is a design that is most suitable for houses with POP ceilings and windows that are almost full-length; that is, they are wide and log, making them appear as though they should be a doorway.

It usually consists of bright colors, such as white as the background or lining curtain. The other two curtains are thicker and provide shade and privacy that the white curtain does not give. They are ideally bright and cool colors, as in orange and deep blue. The white background makes the two different colors pronounced, calling attention to your guests.

This combination of materials allows you to have privacy when you want and allow air into the living room while the white background is still down.

Three Color Combo Window Treatment
Source: Pinterest – Three Color Combo Window Treatment

Double Color Continuous Plain

This drape idea for the living room is borne out of the modern, almost – monochromatic designs – that are in vogue. It involves employing and pairing colors that are both cool, one helping the other stand out. The color combination for this drape idea for the living room is usually white as the background, and different colors, such as grey or blue.

The white background helps diffuse the light from the environment and helps to create a bright ambiance in the living room. The other color provides privacy by blocking the light through the white background if drawn over it. Also, you can control the intensity of brightness in your living room by partially covering the white background.

This full-length drape idea for living rooms is suitable for chic and modern apartments with low ceilings.

Double Color Continuous Plain
Source: Pinterest – Double Color Continuous Plain

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Double Color Alternating Plain

While the previous drape idea has a continuous white background, this one allows a space between the white background sheets. As a result, it is more suitable for doorways that lead out to a patio and sitting rooms with low ceilings.

It employs the same color combination as the continuous variant of the drape idea. The only difference is in the parting of the white background that creates a space to open doors.

Double Color Alternating Plain
Source: Pinterest – Double Color Alternating Plain

Maxi-Length Cool Plain Design

This drape idea is a simple pattern that has stood the test of time and will always prove effective in accentuating the furniture in a living room, provided they are arranged in proximity to the window. The drape is a full-length, thick curtain that effectively blocks out light and gives privacy when you want it.

Its color should depend on your wall and furniture as it does not seek to get all the attention but share with others. It can be spread backward to let in more light or together, for less. It is mainly used in living rooms that have white, grey, or cream furniture and walls.

Maxi Length Cool Plain Design
Source: Pinterest – Maxi Length Cool Plain Design

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Alternating Monochrome Drape

The alternating monochrome drapery is a classic that brings beauty in its simplicity. Although it is simple, it is essential to choose the right color to enhance its beauty. For a wall painted with cool colors, a bright drape over the curtain will be perfect. However, if the walls are bright, tone down the vibrancy with cool-colored drapes over the window.

The alternating effect comes from using colors of different characteristics. This approach is for a bold statement.

For the conservative variant, you can choose monochrome. For instance, use white drapery for white walls and grey furniture.

Alternating Monochrome Drape
Source: Pinterest – Alternating Monochrome Drape

Lace-on-the-Edge Double Contrasting Color

The effect of contrasting colors can be profound if chosen carefully. This drape idea for living rooms employs two primary colors: the background, usually white, and the other to form a stretch and arc. While this is not a new idea, there is an addition; along the vertical edges of the thicker drape, lace on it.

The lace should be different in color from the background curtain and the thicker drape. The contrast helps to call attention to the window. The thick drape can be released over the background for privacy as well.

Lace on the edge Double Contrasting Color
Source: Pinterest – Lace on edge Double Contrasting Color

Modern Dreamy Floor Length Curtain

With a combination of a silky white curtain and a dark background, the interior lighting of the living room and the exterior lighting from the environment plays on the fabrics at different times of the day, giving off a dreamy effect.

The dark background should have sparkling stone materials that help refract light rays and enhance the dreamy effect. They can also be released to flow freely and exclude exterior lighting and provide privacy. They can also be retracted by tying them, causing an alternating design beneath the silky white material.

Modern Dreamy Floor Length Curtain
Source: Pinterest – Modern Dreamy Floor Length Curtain

Alternating Damask Design

If your home has large windows that allow a significant amount of light from the exterior, you may want to consider this drape idea for living rooms. It aims to enable light when you want it and block off the light when you feel like it. In addition, it provides privacy and allows airflow, depending on your mood and need.

It is more suitable for homes that prefer outdoor light and have cool walls and furniture. The fabric pattern may seem too much in some cases, but alternating the fabric with cool plain walls at intervals can have a striking effect on its appearance. You can use this in a country home or cabin.

Alternating Damask Design
Source: Pinterest – Alternating Damask Design

Pattern-Plain Alternating Floor Length Drapery

This floor-length drapery combines a patterned curtain and another plain one, complementing each other while not neglecting the pattern on the former. As a result, it stands out and beautifies the living space by reducing the intensity of light from the exterior and distributes that light on the furniture.

Usually, it has a more striking effect if there is a light absorber in the living room, such as cotton fabrics on furniture or rugs. It is suitable for floor-length windows and homes that have low ceilings. While the patterned curtain may provide the illusion of height or width, the plain fabric balances it out. However, it is not the best idea if you are big on privacy.

Pattern Plain Alternating Floor Length Drapery
Source: Pinterest – Pattern Plain Alternating Floor Length Drapery

Two-Toned Lattice Made to Match Drape

The two tones we refer to exist between the drapery and the wall and on the drapery alone. That is, it is a two-way two-tone consideration. The lattice pattern on the fabric usually has different color compared to the background of the curtain. Usually, the lattice pattern has black on each pattern boundary, and the large part of the curtain is generally relaxed.

The cool color of the curtain usually matches the color of the wall and the furniture. The drapes can be pulled apart from each other for more light and together for more privacy.

Two Toned Lattice Made to Match Drape
Source: Pinterest – Two Toned Lattice Made to Match Drape

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Monochrome Made to Match Drape

A monochrome made to match drape for your living room is a simple design that can come as a floor-length drape or half-length. The color usually matches the wall’s color and creates a solid-fluid interaction between the wall and the drapery.

It does not afford much privacy but helps to give the living room a characteristic fairy-like aura.

Monochrome Made to Match Drape
Source: Pinterest – Monochrome Made to Match Drape


The warmth and coolness of your living room, its relaxing effects are not only given by the air-conditioning system and ventilation. The color of the wall and furniture plays a role, as does the color and style of your drapery. Enhance your guests’ experience in your home by trying out any of these Drapery Ideas for Living Room as it suits yours.

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