Is Puddling Drapes in Style in 2021?

Puddling drapes may not be in style in 2021. However, it doesn’t stop the style from being popular. They are in use till today. After all, designers and interior decorators use them to add elegance, express personality, or decorate the room. Therefore, choosing to puddle the drapes in your home solely depends on your choice. So, what are the different styles that are created by puddling drapes? Let’s find out in this article. Before that, let’s take a look at what puddled drapes entail.

Puddling Drapes
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What are Puddling Drapes?

Puddling drapes are the extra lengths of fabrics that extend to the floor in a decorative style. They were used in the 20th century to depict the status of the homeowners. It applied to traditional drapery to show that the home belonged to someone of the upper class.

The fabrics which are about 2-3 inches extra long keep the room in a majestic and luxurious style. Depending on the fabric type, they are good insulators that hide imperfections and usually make your windows look larger. They give a formal or casual look to the room. Despite the elegance and beauty that come with this style, it is essential to handle the fabrics with care. Since puddled drapes extend to the floors, they get dirty with ease. Hence, you may have to wash often to keep it intact and serve the purpose it was designed for.

Considering the Puddle Style for your room

There are different ways by which you can style your puddling drapes. Some of these styles include:

Break Puddle (½ – 1 inch)

Puddle Style for your room
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This type of puddle is the simplest of all styles. Also known as break length, the extra fabric ranges from ½ to 1 inch and extends to the floor. With the extra length, this type creates a break on the fabric to give a laid-back style. It is best used for cotton or linen fabrics. This type can be styled in various ways which include:

  • Casual Break: This is the simplest type of puddling style. It requires no special arrangement. Here, you can hang your curtain on the rod and allow the pleat to fall naturally.
  • Tailored Break: For this type of break, you have to select pleated drapes that fall uniformly. If you don’t have that, you can select heavyweight drapes that contain multiple lining instead. Once you hang these drapes on the rod, you can arrange for each pleat to bend at the hem to create a neat stack of folds on the floor.

Medium Puddle (2-5 inches)

Medium Puddle
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If you want a style that isn’t too simple or too dramatic, then the medium puddle is a suitable option. It creates a more stylish effect than the former one. This style requires an extra length of fabric which is about 2-5 inches to spread out on the floor. Based on your preferences, you can arrange the fabric to spread on the floor or bundled together and eventually fall underneath itself. Both techniques captivate the eyes of your visitors and enhance the beauty of your room.

True Puddle (6-18 inches)

True Puddle
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This style is the most dramatic of all styles. It requires an extra material of about 6 to 16 inches to create a striking result. When created appropriately, it gives an elegant, sophisticated, and majestic look to the room. The longer the length of the material, the more striking your drapes will become. To achieve this result, you can create in various ways which include:

  • Flowing Puddle: This style is similar to that of a wedding gown. Here, you have to arrange the drapes to fold uniformly. Then, you should allow the fabric to lie on the floor to create a natural and perfect pool.
  • Fold-Under Puddle: Just as its name implies, this style allows excess materials to fold underneath itself. Here, you fold the fabric to create a cloud-like shape that is fluffy. However, for this dramatic result to be achieved, the fabric must be 12-16 inches extra long.
  • Stacked-Puddle: This type of style requires it to be piled vertically. To achieve the appropriate result, you have to lift the curtain into a fold, let it fall a little, repeat the process, and allow the fold to drop on each other. However, it is essential to note that it takes time for your curtain to retain this style. You will have to “train” your curtain over time to adjust to this style.

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Tips to consider when making Drapes Puddle

The type, color, and size of fabric often determine how dramatic your puddle will be. Here. you have to consider these criteria to achieve an aesthetic effect for your home.

  • For Formal Settings

Elegant, classic, and majestic styles are associated with formal settings. To achieve this result, you should consider using silks or velvets. The grandeur associated with these materials often creates a luxurious style when turned into puddles.

  • For Causal Settings

Lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen often suit these settings. A break puddle that creates a laid-back style works best to achieve the suitable style.

Why You Need Puddled Drapery For Your Room

  • It hides imperfections

Puddled drapery hides imperfections on your floor. For instance, if the floor of your home is uneven or cracked, especially among old homes, the drapery that extends to the floor can hide these imperfections. Here, drapes that extend to at least four inches hide these cracks or unevenness and make your home look uniform.

  • Elegance

Puddled drapery adds a sophisticated look to your home. If you want to create a formal setting for areas such as the living room, dining room, or bedroom, then puddled drapery is a suitable option. It adds a unique elegance that brightens your space.

  • To prevent heating and cooling loss

Puddled drapery are good insulators that regulate temperatures. Its various styles allow natural light and ventilation that reduces the effect of hot temperature. It also gives enough privacy that keeps the room shaded when necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What length of fabric do I need to create puddled looks?

Puddled looks vary according to various styles. However, to create one, you will need an extra fabric of about ½ to 18 inches long to create the desired style of your choice. You can choose from the aforementioned to create this dramatic effect.

2. How do I create puddled styles like the ones I see in photos?

For you to create puddled styles, you have to steam, iron, and train the drapes. This process keeps the folds crispy and allows it to hang the way it should and create a dramatic result.

3. Should I use puddled drapery for my home?

Puddled drapery is beneficial for the home. However, you have to consider some criteria before using them. First, ensure you do not have children or pets that can get your drapery dirty. Also, you should not use them in high-traffic areas to avoid tripping hazards.

4. How long should you allow your drapes to puddle?

The style of the puddle depends on the length of the fabrics. This style solely depends on your choice. Hence, you can choose from many styles to create the puddled drapery that suits your home.

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