Modern Blinds for Kitchen Window Over Sink

Selecting a suitable blind for your kitchen window is always a crucial step. Although this may seem to be an easy task, it isn’t. Why? You have to consider the location of your window, the type of materials to choose from, the benefits of selecting those blinds, the cost, and many more.

Putting all these into considerations helps you make the right decision, especially when your kitchen window is over the sink.

You wouldn’t want to choose a curtain that would appear greasy due to food stains or look dirty due to water splashes.

Instead, you want something easy to clean with damp clothes while maintaining its durability and functionality. Hence, the need for selecting modern blinds for your kitchen window arises. But, before then, let’s look at why you need to choose blinds for your kitchen window.

Modern Blinds for Kitchen Window over Sink
Source: PinterestModern Blinds for Kitchen Window over Sink

Reasons for Choosing Modern Blinds for your Kitchen Windows

Your kitchen window defines your lovely kitchen. It gives you privacy, controls natural light, allows natural air to circulate, and beautifies your kitchen. Therefore, choosing a modern blind that perfectly fits your windows is an important task. Here are some reasons why you should always choose to do this.


Blinds last for a more extended period. It can last for years before getting broken or torn.

Easy to clean

A kitchen is a place for various cooking and food activities. That implies that many greases, water splashes, food, or cooking agents can spill on your blinds. Hence, you will need to clean it regularly to keep it shiny. To do that, most blinds require damp clothes to wipe the stains off. However, other blinds require specialized cleaning materials. For instance, a wooden blind requires wood cleaner. Meanwhile, shutters and solar shades need soapy water to keep them clean.


If your kitchen faces a public space such as a park or a street, you will require a blind to keep your moments private. Here, you can opt for a Vertical blind that keeps the kitchen dark but allows natural light. Blinds like roller or cellular shades perform this function while keeping peeping toms away from your homes.

Light Control

The blinds you select should filter the natural light penetrating your home. Harmful UV rays can destroy paints and allow certain pieces of furniture to rust. Hence, you can choose a blind that will enable natural light without rusting or damaging some furniture.

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Six Types of Modern Blinds for Kitchen Windows.

There are different blinds for the kitchen window. It all depends on the material you want, the size of your window, and the purpose it will serve. Here, we shall look at the types of modern blinds that can fit your kitchen windows while suiting your needs.

Woven Wooden Shades

Woven Wooden Shades
Source: Pinterest – Woven Wooden Shades

Made from materials such as bamboo, grass, pieces of jute, or reeds, these shades suit the window size above your sink area. Thanks to the materials they are made from, wooden shades are durable as the wooden frames maintain shape even after prolonged use. They maintain a good condition and outlook as they do not break, fade, or bend easily. Also, it gives an earthy feeling as it softens the metallic look of the sink. It controls light penetration by allowing enough light while protecting your privacy. However, using damp cloths to clean this material isn’t enough. You will require a wood cleaner to preserve its aesthetic look.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades 1
Source: Pinterest – Roman Shades

Roman shades are classy, unique, and elegant materials suitable for your kitchen window. If you want something that looks like a drape or curtain but still works like a shade, then roman shade is appropriate. Available in different textures, patterns, and styles, they are an excellent choice for creating a natural neutral feeling in your kitchen. It controls natural light and gives you the privacy you need. Besides, it is waterproof and lasts for an extended period. When considering this type, ensure that you buy the one that fits your window size to enjoy its benefits.

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Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds
Source: Pinterest – Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds add a classy and elegant look to your kitchen. Made from natural woods such as bamboo, reeds, pieces of jute, and tough grass, they are easy to clean, heat-resistant, and durable. Coated with a vinyl substance called TruGrain, they last for an extended period without breaking, fading, or bowing quickly. They also maintain a good shape after prolonged use.

Also, Faux woods are resistant to harmful UV rays. The resistant compounds (Polysatin) contain the faux wood filters, the UV rays harmful to the wooden frames, and kitchen furniture such as cabinets. With faux wooden blinds over your sink, it creates an earthy atmosphere and gives an aesthetic look to your kitchen.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades 1
Source: Pinterest – Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also a brilliant choice for your kitchen. They come in various colors, textures, and fabrics. Due to its different colors, you can choose the one that matches your home décor and makes your home classy. Besides, you can combine two textures to create a stylish effect.

Also, cellular shades are good insulators for your kitchen. They regulate the temperature while cooking and remain durable for years. These shades are of two types – a single cell design and a dual honeycomb design. Single-cell plans have just a layer of cells, while dual configurations have two layers. Therefore, when choosing cellular shades, the double design is better in terms of insulation and regulation of temperature.

Roller Shades

Roller Shades
Source: Pinterest – Roller Shades

Just as its name implies, roller shades work as a roller. Made in various colors, textures, and patterns, they are rolled up and down to control natural light in the kitchen. Due to their design and size, they fit into any kitchen window. Besides, they are cost-effective as you can purchase them with ease. However, when choosing this type of shade, it is essential to consider its style. For instance, selecting a fabric roller shade will not be a suitable option for cleaning it. This is because the fabrics enable it to become susceptible to food stains and other kinds of greasy stains. However, selecting a roller shade of vinyl materials makes cleaning easy. All you need is damp clothes to wipe the spot off and make it shiny.

Solar Shade

Solar Shade
Source: Pinterest – Solar Shade

If your windows are exposed to direct sunlight, then solar shade is a suitable option. It filters natural light, reduces glare, reduces harmful UV rays, and protects furniture from fading or rusting. Made from coated material, especially vinyl, solar shades give light, reduce heat, and provide privacy to the home. When selecting a solar shade, always consider its percentage option. The percentage option represents the openness factor. This factor determines the number of UV rays that can pass through the shade. For instance, a solar shade of 5% openness implies that 95% of the UV rays are blocked from entering the home. Also, consider the fabric color when selecting this shade. The shade of dark fabrics control more natural light and also reduce heat within the home.


Modern blinds are suitable for the home. However, before selecting one for your kitchen, consider the type, texture, color, and purpose it will serve. That enables you to enjoy your blinds better.

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