How to Decorate Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are one of the best window treatments because they block out sunlight and ensure privacy. While this is true, many people do not find vertical blinds attractive enough to enhance the interior aesthetics of their homes.

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In this case, the nearest thing that comes to mind is to dispose of vertical blinds or replace them with other blinds. But you don’t have to go to such lengths as there are ways to improve or decorate your vertical blinds. And this makes them attractive enough to fit your home and increase their beauty.

Interestingly, there are different ways to decorate your vertical blinds. By the end of this article, we hope you’ll find the best way to decorate your vertical blinds and give your home its deserved beauty.

different ways to decorate your vertical blinds
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Best Ways to Decorate Your Vertical Blinds

Without further ado, let’s dive into the different ways to decorate your vertical blinds.

Choose the Right Color

Do you know that choosing a vertical blind with a color that enhances the color of your home is also a part of the decoration?

Yes! It is. This is a significant factor to consider when choosing vertical blinds. You must check if the color of the blind blends in perfectly with your home’s interior decoration or color.

At the same time, avoid colors that are in sharp contrast with the original color of your room. When considering this factor, the emphasis is on choosing colors that ‘complements’ your room.

You don’t know about colors? That’s not an excuse, as there’s always an option to seek professional assistance in choosing the best color for your vertical blind that will complement the color of your home.

Choose the right color
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By doing this, you’re bound to get a far better result than settling for a color that doesn’t enhance the color of your home.

Use Fancy or Stylish Lights

This is also a great way of decorating your vertical blinds. These stylish lights do an excellent job of adding more beauty to the blinds. All that is required is to mount these lights close to your vertical blind so there’ll be a direct reflection. Also, the light can serve more purpose than just decorating your vertical blind.

It can serve as a means of providing more illumination to your home, especially if you have a big house. These fancy lights also give your home an ambiance of warmth and beauty.

With fancy lights to decorate vertical blinds, vertical blinds just became the best window treatments without any buts. This is because the stylish lights will enhance the beauty of the vertical blind and the beauty of your home.

Use fancy or stylish lights
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Use Curtains for Decoration

To achieve a more beautiful vertical blind, use curtains. Curtains on their own are an essential factor of a home interior decoration. So adding curtains to your vertical blinds is the surest way to beautify it and enhance the beauty of your home.

Also, there’s more to adding a curtain to your vertical blind than just improving its aesthetics. Curtains also reinforce the ensuring of your privacy because it covers any openings on the vertical blind.

Use curtains for decoration
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Fixing curtains to a vertical blind can be difficult for some. But not to worry, we’ll walk you down some easy steps to fixing curtains to your vertical blinds and getting the best results.

  • The first step to using a curtain to decorate your vertical blind is choosing the best color and fabric. These factors are significant contributors to how you want your room to be.

Choosing a thick fabric can cause total blackout when you let the curtains down, and choosing a bright color can cause the room to lighten up, especially when the sun shines through it.

  • Getting the correct measurement of curtains should also be prioritized. You’d not want a situation whereby the curtain will appear shorter than the vertical blind in length or width. So taking appropriate measurements should be considered.
  • Another step to take is to acquire a curtain rod. You’ll need a curtain rod to hold up the curtain above the vertical blind.

While installing this, ensure that the support brackets protrude a bit further than the vertical blinds to achieve your desired results.

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Use Plants and Indoor Pots for Decoration

Aside from using plants and indoor pots as a decorative measure for your vertical blinds, it does feel nice to have a touch of nature in your home.

So it only serves as a plus that you can use nature to decorate your vertical blinds. How do you go about it? Simply get potted plants and install them on either side of your vertical blinds.

Use plants and indoor pots for decoration
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And if you don’t know about plans, remember that there’s always the option of seeking professional assistance. This is a sure way to improve the beauty of your vertical blinds and the aesthetics of your home.

Use Curvy/Wavy Vertical Blinds

Another reason why vertical blinds are considered one of the best window treatments is that they come in different designs.

You can get a vertical blind with a curvy design, and this is already a form of decoration. Instead of buying the usual vertical blind that’s just straight without any design, you can try your hands on this uniquely designed one.

Its unique design makes it attractive, and you’d find it a center of attraction for your visitors. Also, it beautifies your window space and enhances its beauty.

Use curvy wavy vertical blinds
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Use Paints

Now, this is the most effective way of decorating your vertical blinds. Use paints to decorate the blinds with any color of your choice. But you have to be very careful when carrying out this operation.

Also, remember to take the vertical blind off the wall while painting to avoid damaging the paints on the wall. Use safety precautions like your nose masks and gloves. This is to ensure that the strong smell of harmful chemicals does not harm you.

After painting, you can go a step further in using a stencil to add beautiful designs to your vertical blinds. During this process, you have to be extra careful to ruin the designs and get the best results.

Use paints
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Vertical blinds are undoubtedly one of the best window treatments. But there’s a need for decorating it so that it can achieve more purpose than just ensuring privacy and blocking sunlight.

The ways mentioned above are ways to beautify or decorate your vertical blinds without impeding their performance. Instead, these ways improve the beauty of the vertical blinds and consequently enhance your home’s interior aesthetics.

By incorporating all these ways of decorating your vertical blinds, there’s a high chance of achieving a more beautiful home without having to break the bank or spending way beyond your budget.

Finally, it is okay to seek professional help if the activity is beyond your ability. It will save you from damaging other household decorations in a bid to decorate your vertical blind. Professionals are always available to carry on tasks like this; you just need to look in the right places and get the best.

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