Bedroom Curtains With Blinds – Are You Doing It Right?

Bedroom curtains with blinds
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Curtains or blinds? This is an important decision that must be made when settling into a home or changing home decorations. More than just the beauty they add to the room, they are vital in keeping excess light out.

Curtains are lighter fabrics that can typically create dreamy air in the room. On the other hand, window blinds are solid materials often made from hard materials such as wood. On their own, each of these has brought beauties to different spaces in the home.

But then, people who are not used to using the two together wonder if they can be used together. And why not?

You can pair your bedroom curtains with blinds to give a unique appearance to your window and improve the room’s décor. These are fast becoming the trend for the many benefits they offer as well. Here we have mentioned which curtain you have to use if you have a bay window.

Do Curtains and Blinds Work In the Bedroom?

curtains and blinds
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As with any part of the house, you can use a curtain and a blind in your bedroom. Undoubtedly, it gives the room a unique look. Since most blinds come in a wood look and are not often patterned, adding a curtain can make your windows a bit more interesting. They can help lighten or darken the room theme as well.

Aside from adding both to play around the color palette in the room, window layering is a popular choice for privacy. Shutting blinds and dropping curtains ensures that the desired privacy in the bedroom is achieved.

Are you thinking about regulating the light in your bedroom? A curtain and blind combo might help with that. With just curtains, you would be able to reduce the amount of light but not all. Adding a blind beneath would be perfect for blocking out light, especially if you want to sleep. This could also be adjusted for days you want more light in.

The pair can also aid in regulating room temperature. Since most blinds are known for their insulating properties, they are excellent to keep the heat in. However, when the weather gets a bit hotter, you would still benefit from the privacy provided by the curtain while allowing air into the room.

Bedroom Curtains and Blinds in Different Looks

In choosing to pair curtains with blinds, it does not matter the existing theme of the room. What is of utmost importance is getting it right by choosing the right colors that fit.

Bedroom curtains
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Windows play a vital role in enhancing the neutral tones in a minimalist-themed room. You can be sure to get an intimate feel with more lighting in the room. You could add monochrome drapes to the curtain and blinds to create more detail in a modern or minimalist room.

Complementing colors can make the room lively. An ordinary blind that would go best with the Bohemian-themed room is the Roman blinds. For this style, you have comprehensive options, from prints to very bold hues. If your room has a Bohemian touch, you could get stylish curtains to accompany the window blinds.

You could get stylish blinds to go with solid curtains or simple sheer curtains. However, heavy drapes are essential elements in the Boho room designs.

window blinds
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For a country or rustic room, you must select blinds in a harmonizing hue. You do not have to trade the comfortable theme around your home to incorporate this. For example, a stylish curtain in an orange hue can help accentuate your rustic theme. On the other hand, a plain white sheer curtain would be best a rusty-looking blind.

To maintain a coastal or vintage look in your room, you can work with the colors that suit the palette. A similar concept can be applied to a contemporary design. Your colors are neutral and calm, with blinds in natural colors accompanied by bright accents.

Minimalism in the Zen themed room
Source: Pinterest – Minimalism in the Zen themed room

Minimalism in the Zen-themed room is accompanied by access to light. However, as with everything Zen-related, you want to find a balance. This you can do by keeping the style consistent with woven wood blinds and neutral curtains. A popular option has been blinded in natural wooden colors. You could also find zen-themed curtains to inspire the balance around your room.

Contemporary and industrial designs could also do a classy curtain and blind combo.

How to Get Bedroom Curtains With Blinds Combination Right

Now you have seen the many benefits attached to this trend. You would want to get it right, so your bedroom does not look disjointed. As with many things in interior décor or designs, there are guidelines to help get the most out of a curtain and blind pair in your bedroom.

Consider the Window Structure

Consider the window structure
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You are working on the window, so attention has to be paid to the way your window is. First, you would want to note the window measurement. This is the first step as it makes selecting the right size of blinds and curtains easier.

Most times, blinds are usually mounted in the inside part of the window, and the curtain on the outside guiding you to how to work this out efficiently. This does not mean you cannot pull off this if your windows are not deep.

For windows that aren’t deep, you could mount the blinds outside of the window and get the curtains to extend further to allow the blinds to open easily. This you could do by using a cornice, a valance, or a curtain rod that would give the blinds a bit of space.

Work With the Room

Work with the room
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Besides the window, it is essential to pay attention to the size of the room as a whole. You do not want to install a window covering that would overwhelm the space or look out of place. To get a pleasing arrangement of both for your small room, your curtain should be installed higher.

The most preferred way would be to install the curtains a few inches below the ceiling and some inches wider than the window. This way, there is more space between the blinds and the curtain. However, this arrangement could make a standard window appear more prominent.

What Type Of Blind Do You Want?

Window blinds different types and designs
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Window blinds come in different types and designs. You might choose the roller blinds controlled by a mechanism that allows them to be rolled up based on your preference. The Venetian or the horizontal blind is another popular option that gives a louver look. There are other types to choose from, such as the Roman, Vertical amongst others.

Knowing how your bedroom is structured would guide you in selecting the blind best suited for your space.

You should also consider the blind material. Some blinds are made entirely of wood, others bamboo, vinyl, or even aluminum.

Choose Your Colors

Choose your colors
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Getting the colors right is the foundation of having an attractive window space. No doubt, it is possible for you to retain the theme of the bedroom still. However, you should also ensure the colors are in harmony. For a more natural look, you might decide to go for blinds and curtains that pair well with that tone.

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One simple trick is to get the curtain in a closer shade of the blind or the room theme as it adds balance and unifies the elements in the room. For instance, your window blinds are made of timber; it would be a great idea to pair them with curtains with warmer colors.

Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns.

Dont be afraid of patterns
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Curtains with prints or patterns can be paired with essential colored blinds and vice versa. You should, however, be careful not to pair patterned blinds with a patterned curtain as this can look a little too much in the room.

Although they both don’t need to be in the same shade, what is essential is that the selected curtain and blind are in harmony. For a bedroom painted in solid color, prints on the curtain can add a little spice to space. If your selected window blinds already have timber texture, your best option is a solid color curtain.

Wrap Up

Bedroom curtains paired with blinds
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Bedroom curtains can be paired with blinds to create elegant spaces. They have become widely accepted for several benefits. For one, they help attain the desired privacy needed in the bedroom while allowing you to control light flow. If you work a night shift and need to sleep during the day, adding a blind underneath your curtain might be the best bet.

There are simple guidelines and hacks to apply to make pulling off this style easy. If paired well, they should work well in accentuating the design of the bedroom.

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