Curtains for Corner Windows in Bedroom

Curtains for corner windows are installed to cause as little disruption to the panoramic view the windows offer. Their major function is to accentuate the various features surrounding the corner window and take little away from the light that comes in through the window as you deem fit. Although they can also cut out the light completely, wouldn’t that be counterintuitive?

Corner windows are considered weird in a bedroom as they are mostly installed to afford a good view. The best part of the house to get such a view will be the patio or the living room. Regular windows are sufficient for bedrooms as they allow good ventilation and light into the bedroom. However, if your bedroom has a corner window, that is, two separate windows coming together at an angle to give you a good view of the outdoors, chances are you sometimes need to block out the view, and for that, you need curtains.

In this article, you will get ideas on the right curtains for corner windows in the bedroom and how you can successfully install them to match the theme of your bedroom. Also, you will get the right combination and features these curtains should have as you read on.

Types of Curtains for Corner Windows in Bedroom

The presence of corner windows in your bedroom has already made it difficult to decide on what your bedroom should look like, but it doesn’t have to be. The curtains for corner windows in the bedroom depend on what you want from them. You may prefer to block them out completely, probably because you don’t like so much light in your bedroom, or you may want different light intensities at different times of the day.

Concerning these varying wants, here are some types of curtains that will help with your corner windows.

Blackout Curtains

These curtains for corner windows in the bedroom are made to eliminate your view of the outdoors and the penetration of light into your bedroom through that window. They are usually made of opaque materials and may bear patterns that will enhance their appearance, giving your bedroom a new feel that either stands out or blends with the wall color.

You can easily roll back the curtains when you feel the need for some light and view.

Blackout Curtains
Source – Pinterest – Blackout Curtains

Dimming Curtains

When dimming curtains are used for corner windows in bedrooms, they offer some light and transparency to the outdoors. Therefore, if you prefer to have some light from the windows in your bedroom, these curtains might be the right option for you.

Dimming curtains are not necessarily transparent; they can offer both light and view but to different degrees. If you prefer more light and less view, a transparent curtain will be your best shot at achieving this as they will allow as much light as possible through them but reduce the clarity of your view. They can be made of lacy materials and are usually brightly colored.

However, for less light and some view, the curtains for corner windows in the bedroom are usually dark-colored but thin in texture, and you can make out images through them.

Dimming curtains
Source – Pinterest – Dimming curtains

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Curtains for Corner Windows in Bedroom

Light Dimming Four-Piece Patterned Curtain

With walls that are brightly colored and a corner window situated close to the bed, you can be sure the sunlight will wake you on your lazy days, and the light in the room will be pronounced due to the color of the walls. There’s also the issue of privacy as anyone can peep into your room from the corner window.

To reduce the light intensity in your room and give yourself some privacy from prying eyes, the light dimming four-piece curtain will help to reduce the amount of light rays that get into your room and afford you more sleep time if you want it. They will also eliminate the view from the outdoors to your room while you have some reduced image clarity from your room.

Light Dimming Four Piece Patterned Curtain
Source – Pinterest – Light Dimming Four Piece Patterned Curtain

The patterns on the curtain will further reduce light penetration and reduce invasion of privacy. All you need to do is pull the curtains to meet the opposite curtains till they meet. However, you can easily roll back the curtain when you wish for more light and air.

It is crucial that you choose a curtain that blends with the color of your wall to achieve the effect this curtain for the corner window provides. Although this design is full-length, you can make it the same size as your corner window.

Curtains for Corner Windows in Bedroom
Source : Pinterest – Curtains for Corner Windows in Bedroom

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Light Dimming Two-Piece Patterned Curtain

Assuming your bedroom is the same as the one the Four-piece curtain was installed, this two-piece curtain will provide the same functions and features, only with lesser curtains.

It will effectively cut off the view from the outdoors into your bedroom, giving you privacy and also reduce the amount of light in your bedroom. However, it achieves this by using two pieces of the same curtain, one on each end of the corner window. All you have to do is pull each curtain till it reaches the corner of the window, to block out light and view.

It is suitable primarily for bedrooms that have relatively low ceilings. However, it can be used for full or half-corner windows.

Light Dimming Two Piece Patterned Curtain
Source : Pinterest – Light Dimming Two Piece Patterned Curtain

Continuous Single Curtain for Corner Windows

Sometimes, the beauty of your bedroom doesn’t become apparent until enough light falls on its features, and one way to allow in more light than usual is to leave the corner windows exposed to light from the outdoors.

The continuous single curtain for corner windows does not interfere with the penetration of light into your bedroom or makes your bedroom look ordinary by blocking light. It pronounces the brightness of your room while you still have a good view of the outdoors. Also, you have enough ventilation and almost no privacy with it.

The continuous single curtain is light to touch, transparent, and can go from one end of the corner window to the other with only one sweep. This is only possible when you have a compatible curtain rod such as one with a curve along its length.

Continuous Single Curtain for Corner Windows
Source – Pinterest – Continuous Single Curtain for Corner Windows

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Dark Two-Piece Curtain

In some cases, privacy matters a lot, especially if one part or your entire corner window is adjacent or opposite another person’s window in an apartment. You don’t want your neighbor having an unrestricted view into your bedroom – that’s where private stuff goes on.

You can eliminate views both ways by installing a dark two-piece curtain that hangs at one end of each of the curtain rods. With pulls at each curtain, you can get some width of the curtain to cover the corner windows. While it gives you privacy, it also reduces draft and light.

Also, the drape formed on the curtains due to the extra fabric you’ve not stretched gives a kind of style to that corner of your bedroom, making it a sort of cool attention grabber.

It is important to note that you need to have curtains that are at least twice the width of one side of your corner window to get the drape serration effect.

Dark Two Piece Curtain
Source – Pinterest – Dark Two Piece Curtain

Plain and Pattern Curtain combination

Sometimes, you enjoy the view so much, and you do not want to put a curtain over the corner window. At the same time, the glare from the light can be too much, especially if you use your bedroom as a workspace. You can have the view, to an extent, and reduce the light glare, too.

Install a plain white curtain and a patterned curtain with some black or other deep colors on it. Alternate their positions on the curtain rod and slide them over the window as you will. You can choose to have the white curtain entirely over the window to reduce glare and maintain the view or the curtain with black patterns to reduce view and glare.

Alternatively, you have the option of using double curtain rods, one above the other, where the white curtain is on one rod, and the curtain with black patterns is on the other. You can use both curtains simultaneously to further reduce glare and improve privacy, especially when you’re not using your workstation.

Plain and Pattern Curtain combination
Source – Pinterest – Plain and Pattern Curtain combination


Curtains for corner windows in bedrooms can come in different sizes and combinations, depending on the corner windows’ size and the style you’re looking to achieve with the curtains. While corner windows in bedrooms give away some of your privacy, curtains for corner windows in bedrooms give you some of that back. It is a cheaper option of getting your privacy back than hanging the windows and covering the space up.

It also gives a touch of attraction to your bedroom if you use the right curtain combinations and consider the overall theme of your bedroom. It is also essential that you decide if you want to altogether remove the view of the outdoors when you want to or have it partially visible.

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