Longer Curtain for Curved Shower Rod? Size, Distance and Measurement

Do I Need a Longer Shower Curtain for a Curved Rod?

You must wonder if the curved rod you have installed or looking to install needs a correspondingly long shower curtain to complete the changed look of your bathroom space. You are not alone. With significant prospective changes comes excellent expectations; therefore, it is expected that your thought turns to the length of the shower curtain that best suits your curved shower rod.

Curved shower rods are meant to add luxury, style, and space to your bathroom space. However, their objectives may not be achieved if you do not choose the right curtain that goes with them. For instance, how much of a let-down is it if your shower curtains do not reach the end of your curved rod, despite stretching them to their limit? Remember that the beauty of a shower curtain primarily lies in how it drapes.

Curved shower rods
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Also, wouldn’t it be better to buy a new and more appropriate shower curtain to avoid the embarrassing smell of mildew in your bathroom and avoid the dangerous accident of falling on a tiled bathroom floor? With the right tools and information, you can quickly get and install the right shower curtain for a curved rod in no time.

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While your curved shower rod provides more space than the straight shower rods, it is only expected that you will require a lengthier shower curtain to completely cover the reach of the curved rod and have enough extra length to emphasize its drape and striking effect on your bath space. However, there are some other things about the shower curtains you need for a curved rod.

curved shower rod
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What Size Shower Curtain Do I Need For a Curved Rod?

With a straight shower rod, the size of the curtain you use with it has to agree with the size of your shower opening. The bigger your shower opening, the longer the straight rod you have to install and the longer the shower curtain that covers the shower opening, too. With a curved rod, using the same shower opening size, the length size of your shower curtain does not necessarily have to change as long as the curve of the shower rod does not protrude out of the shower opening too far.

straight shower rod
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A curved shower rod will be lengthier than a straight rod. However, that doesn’t mean the shower curtain has to be longer. As long as the shower curtain can cover the length of the curved rod, there will be no need to get a longer shower curtain. However, if your last shower curtain does not drape, and you need to have that stylish look you saw in that hotel, you may have to acquire an extra-width shower curtain.

The shower curtain length may remain the same, as long as it does not allow water spills to get to the floor and can easily reach the walls of the shower tub. However, the length might be a challenge if the curved shower rod is installed higher than the straight shower rod.

traight shower rod
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If you have a standard shower curtain that you used with your straight rod, chances are it will work well with your curved rod, too. Although it may produce lesser drapes, it will adequately cover the reach of the curved rod. Also, if your shower opening is more expensive than what the standard 72 x 70 inches shower curtain can cover, purchase a 72 x 96 inches curtain. You only have to get the curved rod closer to the ceiling, and you’ll get a better reach for the ends of the rod and a better drape.

standard shower curtain curved rod
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How Far Does a Curved Shower Rod Stick Out?

With a curved shower rod, there is the possibility that the space outside the shower will be reduced, especially if your bathroom is tiny. Therefore, you should know how far the curved shower rod will stick out. To help you ascertain how close to the shower wall you should install the shower rod.

How far the curved shower rod sticks out depends on the amount of curve on the shower rod. Usually, the length of a curved shower rod is the same as the length of a straight shower rod when installing since the width of the shower wall does not change. However, the curve on a shower rod can amount to some extra length.

curved shower rod sticks
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Generally, it is advisable to install a curved shower rod 3 inches closer to the shower walls to allow for the same space outside the shower as if a straight rod was installed. This means that the curve on a curved shower rod is approximately 3 inches when projected to be in line with a straight rod. This helps you to reduce space encroachment outside the shower.

curved shower rod 3 inches closer to the shower walls
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How to Measure For a Curved Shower Rod

A curved shower rod is a more special shower accessory than the straight rod, so it needs more attention to detail. Generally, a curved object is expected to be lengthier than its straight counterpart. A misjudgment in the length of a curved shower rod may lead to complicated installation and defective shower covering, making water escape the shower and into open spaces. To avoid such, you must follow these guidelines to measure your curved shower rod accurately.

curved shower rod is a more special
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Measure Both Walls

Your shower is an enclosure because it has three walls – one behind it and two by its sides. Your first step is to measure the height that you prefer your curved shower rod to be in the shower. Measure the height of the showerhead to the top of the tub. Usually, the showerhead is 6 feet above the tub. Your curved rod should be at the same level as the showerhead.

Measure the height of each side-wall to be the same height as the showerhead. To determine that accurately, add the height of the tub walls – which is usually about 14 inches deep – to the height difference between the showerhead and the floor.

Round curved shower rod
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Mark the Walls

Repeat the exact measurement in step 1 on the opposite wall and make sure they align. Mark the height you want the curved shower rod to be on each wall with a chalk or marker, depending on the nature of the walls.

Record Measurement

Record the measurements you get from one end of a side-wall to the other. This will remind you of what you need to shoot for when installing your curved shower rod. Alternatively, you may commit it to memory.

Record the measurement
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Measure and Adjust the Curved Shower Rod

Remove the shower rod from its package and spread it on the floor. Most curved shower rods are not fully extended for the sake of easy packaging; therefore, you may have to unscrew some parts to get yours to its entire length. Some can be as long as 60 inches.

Recall the measurement you have recorded or memorized. With your measuring tape attached to one end of the curved shower rod, extend it to the appropriate measure point (the measurement you have recorded). If the curved shower rod does not meet the measurement, extend it till it does. Also, the shower rod may be longer than the measurement. You may use a hacksaw to cut it to the desired length or compress the length.

Measure and Adjust the curved shower rod
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How Far Into the Tub Should a Shower Curtain Hang?

You must get the fit of the shower curtain, in terms of how close or far from the shower tub it should be, right. If you install the shower curtain too close to the tub, it disturbs the shower experience by clinging to your body while you bathe. Also, if it is too far from the tub, it allows water to escape to the floor and outside the shower space, causing the floors to be slippery or allowing mildew growth.

close or far from the shower tub
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To avoid these, the shower curtain should be at the proper distance from the tub and not cause an encroachment of space outside the shower space. Earlier in this article, we have mentioned how far the curved shower rod should stick out. That section is crucial because it influences how far the shower curtain hangs into the tub. Since the shower curtain is suspended from the shower rod, it determines how close or far the curtain is to the tub.

shower curtain with proper distance from the tub
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Therefore, the shower curtain should also be 3 inches from the tub and have enough length that reaches into the tub to discourage water from splashing on the floor. This means the standard measurement of a shower curtain – 72 inches – will be sufficient for a curved shower rod, and the end of the shower curtain length will be in the tub, redirecting splashes of water into the tub.

Ideally, a shower curtain can reach about half the length of the tub depth, which is 7 – 8 inches. However, it can also extend to about 10 inches but should not touch the tub’s floor to avoid accidents that may happen if you step on the curtain.

Shower curtain 3 inches from the tub
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Curved shower rods are an improvement over straight shower rods as they provide better space for you in the shower and give your bathroom a better and luxurious look that can only be matched by what you see in many hotels. However, installing one requires that you have the correct information to avoid nonexistent issues when you used straight shower rods.

Bathroom Curved shower rods
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Despite the curve on a curved shower rod, you do not necessarily need a unique shower curtain to reach the ends of the curved shower rod. A standard shower curtain will work fine on a curved shower rod.

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