What Is the Best Material for Drapes?

Choosing the drapery for the interior of your house is an important aesthetic factor. The fabric that you use determines the general outlook of your home and the amount of sunlight that enters your home. It adds to the color, pattern, and general texture of your home.

The choice of material for your windows cannot be made absentmindedly; instead, you need to pay attention to what you pick. After checking out each material, we discovered the key factors that determine a good purchase of drapes. Here are a few factors you must carefully consider before buying material for drapes.

Best Material For Drapes
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How to Determine the Best Material for Drapes?

We have identified a few factors to consider to get the best material for drapes. These factors would determine whether your choice is perfect for your home or not. This is why you must read till the end to ensure that you make the right choice.


The durability of the drape material that you choose greatly determines if you made a perfect choice. The best materials can stand against fading and sun damage even under constant contact with the sun.

Also, you have to consider the outlook of the drape after you’ve washed it. Make sure that the material you choose can last for a long time without requiring you to make a change. It would save you money, costs, and the energy of looking for a replacement.

Durability and Weight
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The weight of the material is an essential factor because it dictates how the curtain would hangover time. If the material is too light, the curtain will not fall properly, and if it is too heavy when they are drawn, it will not fold as it should.

To get the perfect curtain for your house, you have to settle for materials that fall within the range of average weight. This way, it would block enough sunlight and maintain the regular billowy feel that a curtain must-have.

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Ease of Washing

The level of ease that you encounter when washing your drapes is also important. But, first, you need to determine whether the material is one you can wash using a washing machine or one that would require you to use dry cleaning services.

It would be best to settle for a fabric that you can easily wash using a washing machine. With the convenience and ease that a washing machine offers, you can easily launder your drapes without requiring external sources to help you clean. Ensure that the material is not the type that fades quickly only after a few washes.

Ease Of Washing
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Curtains have evolved from being materials that would merely cover windows. However, it is an integral part of the home decor, and it is necessary that the design fits your home pattern and stands out among other items.

The material you choose must have a beautiful and appealing outlook that would help make your home as attractive as you’ve only dreamed. But, of course, some materials are more appealing than others, so you must settle for an eye-catching one that is equally durable.

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Best Materials for Drapes

Although no material fits all you need, you can get the perfect material for your curtains according to your home’s unique requirements. Are you ready to find out?

Polyester Material

This material is an ideal choice for those who are working with a budget. With the polyester material, you can get a high level of durability that requires low maintenance. It comes in various colors and patterns that can easily fit into your home decoration. Also, you can use polyester material for most rooms in your house. However, keep polyester material away from the kitchen because it is flammable and it easily absorbs odors.

You can wash this material with your washing machine without requiring the need for a dry cleaning agency. This material is our top choice because it is not prone to wrinkling, stretching, or even shrinking after you have washed it.

As a material, polyester is also resistant to mildew and mold. As a result, it retains its outlook, features, and aesthetic design over a long period.

Polyester Material
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Cotton Material

The cotton material is organic for drapes that perfectly fit your bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. It offers you a billowy and sparking clean feel that hangs attractively wherever you put it. If you need a material that works remarkably well for filtering light, the cotton material is on the top of the list.

Also, this drape material is one that you can clean with a washing machine easily. You can use cold water and hang it to dry. You will achieve solid coverage if you get the dark-colored ones for your window, while those with muted colors would help draw in light.

However, under direct sunlight, this material would eventually fade. Therefore, you should know you require a change with time. In addition, you have to look out for signs of shrinkage and mildew on your drapes when you use this material.

Cotton Material
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Linen Material

Although linen material is almost like cotton, it is different, especially in the area of durability. It is organic and offers a contemporary appearance that is attractive for your house decor. This material is perfect for a majority of the rooms that you have in your house because of its light filtering.

This material is unique for its UV-Resistant features that help regulate your indoor temperature, especially during the summer season. However, this material is not washing machine friendly; you have to dry clean it. In addition, it shares the same flaw with cotton material by being susceptible to mildew and mold.

Linen Material
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Silk Material

Silk materials are much heavier than usual fabric, although the texture is cool and soft for your home. It is appealing, beautiful, and very sophisticated. Although it looks costly, that is not the case; it is affordable.

This material gives your home a feel of elegance that makes it perfect for your most used rooms in the house. Apart from that, this material would also help you regulate your room’s temperature because of its texture.

However, you should dry clean this material rather than use a washing machine. The biggest flaw of this material is that it is easily susceptible to sun damage; it is best for rooms that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Silk Material
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Velvet Material

Before going for the velvet material, you must first make sure it matches your home because of its formal look. If there are cold drafts on your windows, the thickness of the velvet material will serve you well by offering insulation.

The velvet material goes further to provide you with privacy because it blocks both sound and light. Although it accumulates dust, you can solve that by using a vacuum to clean it up. Also, do not make the mistake of ironing the material when you can use a steamer.

Velvet Material
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Voile Material

This material is similar to chiffon because of its delicate nature that gives off a dreamy effect. You can use it for your windows, doorways, and living rooms. However, if you are looking for a fabric that helps create private space and block out sounds, the voile material fails.

However, it makes up for this flaw by offering light filtering to its users. It is best to hand wash drapes made with voile material because of their delicate nature. Afterward, you can easily dry it. You can settle for it if you want a modern feel for your house.

Voile Material
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Lace Material

If you love to have the traditional design for your house, use the lace material. It offers an elaborate design that is suitable for all rooms in your house. However, it is not a great choice of fabric if you are seeking privacy or insulation.

It is best to launder this material by handwashing it because of its fragile and delicate nature. When taking care of this material, you need to follow the specific instructions depending on whether it contains polyester fibers or cotton fibers. Even with the proper touch, this material can still fit a modern design.

Lace Material
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Damask Material

There are different varieties of damask material that have floral designs that accent your home decor. It helps make a range of lightweight drapes to heavy-weight fabrics woven in an aesthetically appealing way. You can get printed, boucle, jacquard, or chenille damasks for your home. It offers a traditional feel that can easily fit whatever design you have in your house.

Final Thoughts

It would be best to choose an easily affordable, attractive, and easy-to-maintain drape. This way, you would get optimal satisfaction from the material you pick, especially if it fits your specific needs and general house decoration.

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