Are Bed Valances Out of Style?

No, they are not. Instead of fading out, they are one of those things that stay around and become more appealing.

A bed valance is an extra fabric added to the bed to serve decorative purposes. They are a type of bed sheet that hangs from the bed to the floor. They could also be referred to as bed skirts. They come in different styles. Some have ruffles, others pleats, or flat panels. Still others come with a mix of different styles.

People add a bed valance for several reasons. Some people might want to install one for the simple aesthetic feel it gives the bed. There is no doubt that this adds an element of luxury and a good sense of style to the room.

Some people want it in place to cover the space between the bed and the floor. This way they can conceal storage drawers or anything they have under the bed.

Whatever the motive of getting a valance for your bed, there are simple things to note to get it right. If it is well done, your bedroom would be better for it. And since having a classy room is still in vogue irrespective of the theme, bed valances work well too.

Bed Valance Ideas

Considering a bed valance? Here are simple ideas you could incorporate into your bedroom

Frill Edges Are Beautiful

Frill edges are beautiful
Source : Pinterest – Frill edges are beautiful

Frills and ruffles used to be the face of bed valances but have been reduced in recent times. Although they are not as common as they used to be, they could be added depending on the theme in your room. For vintage or rustic rooms, you could get beautiful ruffled valances in your preferred colors.

Solid Color Is the Little Black Dress of Bed Skirts

Solid color is the little black dress of bed skirts
Source : Pinterest – Solid color is the little black dress of bed skirts

Solid colored valances have a way of gently harmonizing items on the bed. Irrespective of whatever theme you have in the room a solid-colored bed skirt works anyways. Solid colors don’t have to be boring, you could use light colors or dark colors. They could flow down the floor or be smartly tucked away. It is generally up to you.

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Floral or Patterned Bed Valance

Floral or patterned bed valance
Source : Pinterest – Floral or patterned bed valance

Did you know you could create a contrast in the room by using a floral or patterned valance? If you already have lots of solid colors in the room the checks, stripes, or dots on the valance might be what you need to create that contrast.

Adding a floral valance to the bed base could also work to accentuate the designs at play and create a soft appeal.

Simple Designs Bed Valance

Simple designs bed valance
Source : Pinterest – Simple designs bed valance

With a reduction in the frilled valance we grew up knowing, there have been replacements by very simple ones. These have a more contemporary and clean look around them. They are smooth with no pleats, ruffles, or accessories and elegant nonetheless.

Simple Pleats Are Amazing

Simple pleats are amazing
Source : Pinterest – Simple pleats are amazing

Bed valances with very simple and smooth details are always appealing. Well-tailored pleats in simple yet elegant styles are the main players in valances. Several pleat designs are available depending on your taste. With some, you could even let the legs of the bed peek out if you wish.

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Types of Bed Valances

Since bed valances are still much in vogue, how do you do it, to get it right? First, you would have to know which is ideal for you. All bed valances are grouped in three based on the way they are installed.

Bed Valance

Bed valance
Source : Pinterest – Bed valance

Bed skirts or base valances are made specifically with the divan bed in mind. These bed types are unique because they have a special base designed specifically for them and the mattress. This base is usually a sturdy wooden frame that is overlaid with fabric. They have a headboard and often come with storage drawers. Because of their bulk, it is not uncommon to find divan bases that have wheels or casters for easy mobility.

The size of the bed does not influence whether or not a valance would work as there are bed valances for all bed sizes. For this type of bed, you would have to install the valance on the base before placing the mattress. And the same process is done when taking it down.

Sheet Valance

Sheet valance
Source : Pinterest – Sheet valance

Fitted valance sheets come as bed sheets with attached valances and can be used on several types of bed frames. They are placed over the mattress as regular sheets and the valance frills cascade down to the ground depending on the length.

Unlike the base valances, the mattress does not need to be removed before they are installed or taken down for laundry. Thus, they have become a popular choice for their ease.

Detachable Valances

Detachable valances
Source : Pinterest – Detachable valances

There are detachable valances of different designs and materials. These unlike the previous types have an easy fit air around them as they can be easily attached to the bed base. Here, they are a separate material from the bedsheets and are not installed like those of the divan beds.

You could get a detachable or easy fit valance as a wraparound that could be tied around the base of the bed. Some stick to using Velcro. These detachable valances also come in varying colors and designs as well.

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What to Note When Getting the Right Bed Valance

Having decided on which type your bed needs, be sure to check these before making a purchase.

Take Measurements

You want a nice fitting valance for your bed so it is best to get it to fit just right. Every bed has its size and varies from one another. So, precise measurements have to be taken when getting bed skirts and not working on assumptions. Working with the wrong size can end up ruining the look you intended to create.

You would also want to consider the drop of the valance you are getting. This depends on how much closer to the ground you want it to be. The drop of bed valances is measured from the top of the bed base to the ground. Again, you want it to be precisely where you want so measurements have to be taken.

Pay Close Attention to the Fabric

Pay close attention to the fabric
Source : Pinterest – Pay close attention to the fabric

The beauty of a bed valance is the solid texture it gives to the bed. Thus you would have to get quality fabrics. If you decide to use light-colored fabrics, it would be wise to line the fabric. This way, you prevent light from peeking under the bed and have a solid valance.

Sometimes, when you are buying bed sheets or comforters, they come with matching valances. Be sure to check that the fabric is of the right quality you intend.

Select Your Designs

As with every decision you make about home furniture, it should harmonize with everything else. A popular choice has been going with solid color bed valances. This usually works when things such as the color theme in the room or the color of the headboard of the bed are considered.

Alternatively, you could use patterned valances to create a beautiful contrast in the room. You could also use them to accentuate a theme if you like. Yes, many people are comfortable with solid colored ones but beautiful patterns, floral designs, and stripes work as well too.

Add Finishing

Add finishing
Source : Pinterest – Add finishing

Plain valances are beautiful on their own but if you like, you could take them a step further. By adding tassel, lace trims, or ribbon trim you could transform the design of the valance. You could also try adding beads, or a piece of sheer fabric to the bottom. Those work well too. Feel free to check several options available before finally deciding.

Are Bed Valances Out of Style?

No, they are not. We can say they have morphed into spectacular pieces that have transformed over the years. Several types work well with any theme, bed design, or personal preference. You should however be careful to make your choice a perfect fit. Once that is done, yours is to get that installed and enjoy.

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