Mixing Blinds and Curtains – What Should You Know?

The aesthetic beauty of a home or a building is not complete without a colorful curtain. A beautiful and colorful curtain will add a finishing touch to the elegance of a home.

In getting the desired taste of the interior of your home, you can get creative and combine different things to get the best result. This theory can be applied to curtains and blinds.

Most people are of the notion that curtains and blinds should be used separately. It is not uncommon to see blinds without curtains and curtains without blinds. However, these two can be combined to great effect.

They both serve the same purposes. Moreover, the combination of blinds and curtains can help bring out the aesthetic beauty of your home.

All you need is the right way to combine them. In this article, you will see the various ways you can combine blinds and curtains to give your interior an elegant look.

Mixing Blinds and Curtains
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Different Styles of Mixing Blinds and Curtains

Mixing blinds and curtains should be considered an art, it takes a special skill to combine these two and get your desired result.

It is not unusual to get confused when trying to pick between blinds or curtains. However, why not dare to be different and combine the two to great effect.

Follow the steps below to get an aesthetic effect when combining blinds and curtains.

MIX Both on the Same Window

You can get the best out of your home by mixing blinds and curtains on the same window.

Venetian blinds are ideal in this situation. It offers you a variety of options for styling your curtains. You can completely shut your blind or even open it partially to allow rays of light in.

Mix both on the same window
Source : Pinterest – Mix both on the same window

You can also go classy with the curtains. Lined or sheer curtains will pair well on the same window with roller blinds.

Sunscreen and lockout roller blind particularly blends well with sheer curtains. It offers you a distinct interior look.

To finish it up, you can also make use of a pellet. Not only does it hide the mechanism of the curtains, but it also delivers an elegant look to your curtains.

You can never go wrong with these combinations in one window. It will help intensify the view of your home and light up the interior of your residence.

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MIX It All

Don’t stick with the same type of curtain and blind, spice up your home with a variety of curtains and blinds. Choose different kinds of blinds and curtains for different kinds of rooms in the home.

This helps you to set the rooms in your home according to your mood. You can set the curtains and blinds in your sitting room to allow light in. While your bedroom is dark, serene, and comfortable.

The size of the windows should help you decide which windows should get blinds and which ones should be draped with curtains.

Curtains would fit more on large windows while blinds would complement the small size windows.

Dont stick with the same type of curtain and blind
Source : Pinterest – Dont stick with the same type of curtain and blind

Go for a Complementary Look

When mixing blinds and curtains, the goal is to get them to complement each other while giving your home an elegant look.

To get a balanced look, it is important to balance both the blind and the curtain. Ensure that they are of the same height else it may give off a distorted look.

Pay particular attention to rooms with different window heights. Put the curtains and blinds at heights that are commensurate with the windows they are at. This creates a balanced look all through the room.

Blend Colors

In mixing blinds and curtains, you are also blending the various colors. To achieve a precise result, you need to match the color schemes together.

You can pick colors that match those of the wall. This gives an impression of the window being an extension of the wall. This further accentuates the interior of your home.

Consider the color wheel when also selecting your colors. Go with colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. This allows you to get colors that complement each other perfectly.

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Harness the Power of Patterns

Patterns are powerful and can help illustrate the type of look you want your room to show.

Patterns are quite easy to combine, you can even combine different patterns with the same color. Play around with patterns and watch your room come to life.

Harness the power of patterns
Source : Pinterest – Harness the power of patterns

Dos and Don’Ts of Mixing Blinds and Curtains


You Must First Select the Kind of Blind You Want to Use.

The most common type of blind that blends well with curtains is roller blinds and Venetian blinds.

Colors are equally important when selecting your blind. You want the room to blend and produce a complementary look, not just a clash of colors.

You must first select the kind of blind you want to use.
Source : Pinterest – You must first select the kind of blind you want to use.

Use Colors to Your Advantage. Colors Determine the Tone of a Room.

Blinds and curtains can boost the effect of comfort and warmth in the home.

Matching colors also help portray an elegant impression. Match the color of the accessories with that of the blinds and curtains.

For instance, the color of the rods should match with the curtains. This helps maintain a uniform look and will complement the window dressing.

Add Accessories to Your Curtains and Blinds.

You can never go wrong with accessories, they add a stylish look to a room.

Accessories like pelmets, tiebacks, and other decorative pieces can be used to adorn your windows to great effect. However, you should endeavor to keep it simple.

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Go Neutral

Where you are not sure how to mix colors, you can go neutral. Neutral is versatile and flexible. It is compatible with any color, it can even help tone down strong colors. However, multiple shades should be present in the room to help bring out an elegant look.

Go neutral
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Do Not Pick the Same Curtain Design

You should be flexible when choosing the curtain designs you want. Do not just stick with only one kind of curtain.

Play around with several designs rather than just repeating one type of curtain all over the home. Put into consideration the lighting when selecting the design of curtains.

Don’t Go Extravagant With Prints.

When combining blinds and curtains that have prints, you have to be careful not to overdo it.

Combining prints in a small room can be overwhelming. It is best to combine a solid color and a print, that way, there is no duplicity and it complements each other.

Dont go extravagant with prints.
Source : Pinterest – Don’t go extravagant with prints.

In Summary

Try out the various ways of mixing blinds and curtains
Source : Pinterest – Try out the various ways of mixing blinds and curtains

Windows are an important part of the home, they allow us to view the exterior of our home and equally bring light into the home. Styling it up requires dexterity and can be the catalyst for revealing the inner beauty of your home.

Blinds and curtains are some of the best accessories to adorn your windows. As outlined here, you need not fear the outcome of combining blinds and curtains.

They can complement each other if combined in the right shade, color, and pattern. The right combination of all these will bring out the true aesthetic beauty of your home.

Try out the various ways of mixing blinds and curtains contained here and see your home brighten up.

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