Modern Bathroom Window Curtain Ideas

Windows draw the most attention in any room principally because of the light they bring in. Placing a curtain over them allows you to have control over the amount you bring in. No doubt a beautiful curtain can add a specific style to the room and is essential for accentuating its beauty.

For a bathroom, you would need more than just control over light. Thus, another benefit of a bathroom curtain is the privacy it provides. However, you should not have to sacrifice a stylish bathroom for privacy. Here are easy modern bathroom window curtain ideas you can try out.

What Are the Best Curtains for Bathroom Windows?

Depending on the size and arrangement, here are bathroom window curtain ideas you should try out.

Waterproof or Vinyl Curtains Are a Top Choice in a Bathroom

Water is spilled, poured, or splashed in the bathroom. Steam from hot showers and baths also causes humidity in the bathroom. Thus, a popular option can withstand water. If you want something that can resist moisture and not allow mildew in the room, you should look to get a waterproof one.

Many of these waterproof curtains are made of polyester or vinyl and come in several designs and colors. There are vinyl curtains both in the short length and floor length so your preference would depend on what your bathroom can take. Feel free to explore the varied waterproof options available.

Sheer Curtains to Create a Soft Space

Sheer curtains to create a soft space
Source : Pinterest – Sheer curtains to create a soft space

Sheer curtains are lightweight fabrics which makes them best suited as bathroom curtains. A bathroom is a place where there’s a lot of water. The advantage of having a sheer curtain is the speed at which it dries when water touches it or if it is washed. This way, threats by mildew and mold do not build up easily.

Sheer curtains make any space look elegant and attractive. Although they do not give so much privacy, you can still make use of them depending on the location of your bathroom window.

Try a Blackout Curtain for Increased Privacy

blackout curtain for increased privacy
Source : Pinterest – Blackout curtain for increased privacy

An excellent choice when it comes to considering privacy in the bathroom, blackout curtains when dropped create a literal blackout in the room. Blackout curtains are made from heavy fabrics such as polyester thus are thick and could serve to regulate temperature and also block out sounds.

Despite the name, blackout curtains come in several sizes and colors such as white, black, grey, pink. They could also come in different styles such as ripples, pleats, panels, or have ruffles. To get it perfectly fitted in your space, you should choose one that slightly goes over your window in width and length.

A Soft Dreamy White Curtain

soft dreamy white curtain
Source : Pinterest – Soft dreamy white curtain

Even in a bathroom, a white curtain still stands out. They can easily flow irrespective of the design. The texture of the white fabric would depend on the location of your bathroom window. If you do not need to add privacy, you could go for a creamy white fabric.

Installing a white curtain adds soft air to space. If you are looking to keep things simple in here, a white curtain might work well for you. It could be added to soften the minimalist look in the room without messing with the overall design.

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Try a Solid Color Bathroom Window Curtain

solid color bathroom window curtain
Source : Pinterest – Solid color bathroom window curtain

If you have several designs running in the bathroom, you could use a bold-colored curtain at the window to create a contrast. This works exceptionally well if you already have a modern or boho design. Even if you have a single hue working in the room this works fine as well. This way, you could either select a different color or pick a different shade of the same color in the room.

Solid colored curtain gives a classy touch to your bathroom. For a large window, you could use a floor-length one or go for a cropped curtain for a smaller window. Depends on you. If you are looking to hang it mid-way in the window, a solid-colored curtain would still fit in. However you decide to use it, it would still work perfectly.

Flowery Curtains Are Perfect for a Modern Bathroom

Flowery curtains
Source : Pinterest – Flowery curtains

Floral curtains help create a relaxed, playful, and feminine air in the room. For a modern home, they are still a top choice. When added to the bathroom window, they infuse the space with freshness and. Curtains with flowers can be easily paired with a bold colored valance or just hanged by themselves.

Large-sized patterns or smaller patterns, feel free to use whichever you fancy. If you already have flowers in your bathroom, these could also compliment the window curtains. Blending in easily with whatever existing décor you have in the bathroom, you would create a new feel by just adding them in the space.

Patterns Work Just as Fine Too

Patterns work
Source : Pinterest – Patterns work

Abstract patterns were made for modern home designs! Coming as landscape designs, stripes, or telling a story, the rich designs backing these patterns are amazing. With numerous overlapping textures, they could blend in any room space.

Art patterned curtains and simple patterned ones work just as fine as abstract patterns. Their lack of a recognizable motif allows your bathroom to have a playful child-like atmosphere. They come in different colors and might be just what you need to bring a spark to your bathroom.

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Flow With the Theme

Flow with the theme
Source : Pinterest – Flow with the theme

There are several themes to work with. You could work with the same design at work throughout the house or you create something new in the bathroom. A common choice amongst many has been creating a marine, nautical or natural space.

By placing a curtain with designs of marine life, seascapes, coral reefs, sailors, or flags, you can be sure to draw daily inspiration as you face your bathroom window.

Many natural themes you can also incorporate in your bathroom are fruity, neutral, or earthy designs. However you decide the theme of the bathroom should go, you would find a curtain that compliments that feeling.

Mixing Curtains and Blinds

Mixing curtains and blinds
Source : Pinterest -Mixing curtains and blinds

You could take the bathroom privacy on a different level by adding blinds behind the curtains. Blinds made of faux wood are the most common choice here because they are resistant to the damp environment in the bathroom.

Once you have selected a perfect blind for your bathroom window, you could add a sheer curtain or one with floral curtains, or just a contrasting curtain. If you have considered using a shorter curtain or valance, pairing it with a blind might be just what you need. Whichever style of curtain you select would be well complemented by the underlying blind.

Drapes, Fastenings, Tiers, or Some Accessories Are Not Out of Place in Bathrooms

thicker curtain
Source : Pinterest – Thicker curtain

You can understand that a thicker curtain might have to be shifted to make room for more light in the bathroom. For this, you would need something to fasten the curtain. There are several beautiful tiebacks you could use in here so it’s up to you to choose which.

Adding a tieback not just gets the thick fabric out of the way, it also gives an aesthetic touch to the curtain when pulled back. Drapes work well on a bathroom window too. Whether it’s a light curtain or a heavy fabric, you could select a complementing drape to just flow over it.

Don’t be shy to use curtains with tiers in the bathroom. Those as with regular curtains work just as fine too. That it is the bathroom does not mean your curtain should be bland.

Choosing a Modern Bathroom Window Curtain

No matter how fancy or beautiful a bathroom window curtain may be, you still have to look into some factors in deciding what would work best for you.

First, you have to consider the amount of privacy you need. For bathrooms that are very high in a building, you might not even need a curtain. This also determines the fabric you should get. For more privacy, you are sure to get a curtain made from thicker materials.

You would also want to consider how much moisture your bathroom has as well as how frequent you would be able to care for the curtains. There’s a lot of water in the bathroom and if curtains are not properly cared for might result in the growth of mildew and mold.

Bearing this in mind, for a smaller bathroom that might get more dampness than cleaning periods, you would want to use waterproof curtains. This way there are little or no problems till cleaning days.

To bring out the pop in your curtain designs, you would have to work with the shape and style of your window. No two bathrooms have the same windows. Each is unique and positioned at angles that allow a varying degree of light into the room. Deciding the perfect curtain for an arched window might take a different turn than for a straight regular window.


In conclusion, you should find the perfect bathroom curtain despite the budget or the window type. You might want to consider if a floor-length curtain would be perfect for your bathroom or a shorter type. Whichever you decide, the designs and style of the room would still be amazing

You do not have to compromise the overall theme in the home in the bathroom. If you want to flow with that theme or create something different in the bathroom, the curtain would be able to help you achieve that.

Your choice of the curtain should not be limited by the need for privacy. Don’t lose the style and beauty your bathroom can portray.

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