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A valance is a drapery used to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing.

Windows are commonplace in any house, primarily for ventilation and lighting. Each room in the house has its window, including bathrooms. Windows are crucial parts of a building; therefore, they are worth giving attention to.

Often, people overlook window treatments, but they soon forget that beyond the primary features of a house’s windows is their ability to add to the furnishing and interior appearance or design, as the case may be, of your room.

This is why window coverings have become functional and decorative. It would suit you to know that your window covering, whether classic curtains, shutters, Roman shades, drapes, and the likes, help improve the view in the room.

They do this by their own little ability to manage light entrance into the room and its interior design.

Bathroom Window Valance Ideas
Source: Pinterest – Bathroom Window Valance Ideas

Interestingly, while we may yet complain that people often overlook window dressing for their rooms, how much less the people who pay attention to their bathroom window.

Sometimes, perhaps because they don’t live there; I mean, you take your bath and exit in less than half an hour. Other reasons may be because the window is a small one and why should anyone bother, or just sheer ignorance that there are available treatments for bathroom windows.

Nevertheless, I come bearing good news that you don’t have to leave your bathroom window looking bare and tasteless. In this guide, we will see through some valance ideas for your bathroom window.

valance ideas for your bathroom window
Source: Pinterest – Valance ideas for your bathroom window

Some Valence Ideas for your Bathroom Window

We have earlier defined a window valence as a drapery that conceals the upper section of the window; window valances are short curtains.

After setting up your window treatment, you know, you’re left with dressing hardware, such as a curtain rod, exposed to the view.

Window valances are popular for concealing these in a tasteful style. You can also combine window valance with other window treatments to dress your window stylishly and elegantly.

Like curtains differ in textures, style, patterns, and the likes, valences come in different forms to suit diverse users’ tastes, ranging from sheer pastels to silky floral, all designed in bold and solid patterns.

Now, before you start to consider the style of window valance you want, there’s a question you need to answer: do you want privacy or not, or what degree of privacy do you hope for?

I mean, it’s the bathroom after all, and where else would you need more privacy? Well, if your bathroom window is facing the streets of humans, you should be considering window treatments that offer quite a degree of privacy.

On the other hand, should your bathroom window be hidden from your eyes, and then you’ll find the sets of best valance options for your window.

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Some Valence Ideas for your Bathroom Window
Source: Pinterest – Some Valence Ideas for your Bathroom Window

Why? Valances for windows that require privacy need to be long enough to, at least, cover a large portion of the window and make an already small window more diminutive, but valances for windows that don’t need privacy need not belong.

Aside from answering the question of what degree of privacy you desire, another factor to pay attention to when putting up a window valance in your bathroom is the architectural features of your bathroom.

Master bathrooms often feature unique architectural design; how beautiful it would be if you paid enough attention to accentuate the design with your choice of valance!

What’s the intent here? Nothing other than to create coherence in the overall design of the bathroom.

Rather than focus on the window alone, your attention is on the whole room.

Say, for instance, your bathroom is a 16-foot cathedral ceiling, you decide to use a valance of 32 inches. So, you get to hang the valance around the bathroom without covering up the window.

If, for instance, you have arched portions in the bathroom, a valance that mimics the arch shape is most appropriate. An example of valances for this purpose is the Parisian valance.

valance that mimics the arch shape
Source: Pinterest – valance that mimics the arch shape

In the choice of color, it’s not a bad idea to consider your towels and rugs to decide the color and pattern of your valance. But if it is a large master bathroom, adding a drape to the window beneath the valance will be a fine complement.

Moreover, the combination of these two can often give a false appearance of a wide window.

It’s noteworthy that not all styles of valances will look appealing on bathroom windows despite their sizes.

For specifically small windows, the valances made for them are Pinch Pleat, Balloon valance, the varieties of Flat valance, board-mounted valance.

Let’s begin this section by discussing the valances that are best for your bathroom windows.

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Best Valances for Bathroom Windows

  • Ascot Valance

An Ascot valance is designed to feature one or more triangular edges with their apexes facing downwards. Its apexes are often decorated with tassels to augment its shape and appearance. An ascot valance in a damask print will be appropriate for a bathroom with only a solid color. This is best, especially if you want your window to catch the eye.

Ascot Valance
Source: Pinterest – Ascot Valance
  • Balloon Valance

A Balloon valance has a puffed-up appearance and is perfect for a traditional bathroom. This is because balloon valances are created with light fabrics, making your bathroom window look full. If your bathroom has a traditional setting, the color of your balloon valance should be a few shades darker than the color of your bathroom wall. What an elegant effect!

  • Cornice Valance

Cornice valances are also known as pelmets and are generally designed with stiff fabrics for a flat appearance. You can mount it on a board attached to the window frame or hand it on a different curtain rod. Mounting the Cornice valance on a board is, however, is preferred because it makes the laundering of your window treatments a task that doesn’t have to wear you out. The beauty of the cornice valance is it gives an uncluttered look to the bathroom. You should note that the valance should only be one-sixth high of the height of the overall window treatment, regardless of what panel you may choose to add to it.

Cornice Valance
Source: Pinterest – Cornice Valance
  • Scalloped Valance

It’s pretty unlikely for you to have a space decorated in a country style in your bathroom, but weird never finishes; nevertheless, you can use a plaid patterned scalloped valance to complement such a space if it exists. Now to the most probable desire for an elegant look, use a sophisticated print of scalloped valance. You may want to darken the room or in the bid to create more privacy, or perhaps for sheer more coverage of your window, pairing the valance with panels in complementary shade and pattern will do the trick. However, if the reverse is the case and you want more light in the room or want to make your small window look taller, leave the panels and hang the valance.

Scalloped Valance
Source: Pinterest – Scalloped Valance
  • Scarf Valance

For an elegant draping effect, choose scarf valance; its curved top center portion and flowing ends on each window side contribute to its elegance. Perhaps the bathroom is for formal purposes; the scarf valance is the most appropriate style. To do this style, you need to drape the scarf over a curtain rod, and your work is complete, but the type of the fabric is what you should pay attention to: a rich, thick fabric will be perfect. You could also make use of two complementing scarves in color, weight, and texture for a romantic look.

  • Tailored Valance

For a flat and rectangular appearance like the cornice valance, choose the tailored valance. The difference lies in the absence of ruffles.

Tailored Valance
Source: Pinterest – Tailored Valance

You are at liberty to create your style by choosing from various colors, patterns, and fabrics. You can also choose to combine a tailored valance with curtain panels but ensure they are of the same weight. However, it’s essential to note that while it’s fashionably accepted to match a solid with a pattern, don’t mistake combining them in different weights, like combining heavy fabrics with light materials.

Final Words

Bathroom windows are designed in different shapes, sizes and sometimes can pose a challenge for you in choosing the correct valence for your bathroom window. It’s vital to get the right valence for your window to complement the look of your bathroom; this becomes more expedient considering all the cosmetics and toiletries we use, which may leave our bathroom looking shabby and dull.

Now, to augment the beauty of your window, and consequently, the bathroom, you do not have to siphon a lot of money from your pocket. All you need are some good bathroom window valance ideas, which we have provided in this guide, and you would have given your bathroom the style and feel that makes you want to take your bath more than twice a day.

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