Do You Need Valances With Blinds?

Getting the right home decoration settings is essential for homeowners and interior designers. However, the question on many lips is: do you need valances with blinds?. Getting an apparent response to these will need a detailed explanation about valances, curtains, and blinds. Moreover, goes pairing these home treatments together come with benefits? These and many more will be explained as you read on.

valances with blinds
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About Valances

A valance is a small fabric or drapery panel which is positioned at the window top. It is usually installed with curtains or a drapery rod pinning back aboard. Valances have a mild soft appearance which is suitable for formal or casual settings.

Valances are meant to generate interest when used with other interior accessories. While valances are good on their own, they are part of a great window design to make your home beautiful.

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Some Types of Valances

Here are different types of valances you can use at home :

Simple Valance

This Valance type is usually soft and hangs at the helm of the window to conceal the window with installation. This is the most basic valance type and is generally affordable than other options.

Box-Pleated Valance

This kind of valance is more conservative and traditional because of the appeal it generates. It drags down the window because of the designs and stitched pleats. However, it is a classic valance, suitable for various bedroom styles like British Colonial.

Box pleated valance
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About Blinds

Blinds are ‘tough’ windows coverings made of slats and vanes that can be pulled down on windows. These slats, when paired together, help control light and privacy issues.

Blind Types Available

Here are some affordable types of blinds:

Wooden Blinds

This blind is made of natural texture and designs. They offer homeowners the choice to combine materials with excellent designs.

Wooden blinds
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Venetian Blinds

A prevalent blind style was created from vertical slats joined together. This Venetian blind also has unique fabric quality like tapes.

Vertical Blinds

These are appropriate for formal settings like offices and hospitals. However, Vertical blinds are best for light and privacy control functions.

Roman Blinds

An ideal blind that provides you with a good function for all your windows. The flashy fabric also folds itself as you raise your blind.

Roman blinds
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Day/Night Blinds

This is a relatively new window blind that works best to keep the sun away.

Conservatory Blinds

This is ideal for saving energy as they are made of a unique thermal-coated fabric to make your environment adapt to various weather conditions.

Why Do You Need Valances With Blinds?

All home decor accessories complement one another, therefore to get the best out of valances, you need them to match with blinds. Here are the reasons:

To Cope With Different Room Atmosphere

These two home decors can complete one another due to the differences in room moisture. Valances are particularly useful in low-moisture areas that mold doesn’t rear its head, like sitting rooms and bedrooms.

To cope with different room atmosphere
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However, blinds perform optimally when in rooms with high moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens.

For Better Light Control

Those staying in rooms susceptible to the sun required valances and blinds. While valances can impede light to an extent, using it with the blinds provides total and perfect light control.

For better light control
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Boosting Privacy and Intimacy Settings

For best results, layer both valances and blinds together to enhance anonymity and keep your room away from prying eyes. Kindly fix the blinds first, then position your valances elegantly.

Factors to Consider When Matching Valances With the Blind

We have established that you need valances with blinds. However, here are some considerations before using them together:


Before using valance with blinds, take a look at the space for the layered window treatment. Some layered home decor doesn’t fit well in window space due to moisture. Also, think about light control and anonymity because matching them won’t matter if you want semi-privacy. But if you want full privacy to get both.

matching valances with the blind
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Select the Deepness of Your Windows

Also, consider how deep the windows you want to install are because the deeper the window, the more options you will need. Individuals whose windows aren’t deep will need to reduce the layers of blinds.

It would be best to consider inside mount blinds or outside because they match with valances in different ways. For outside blinds, you need a simple valance or cornice for a better position.

Choose a Base Layer

When the depth of the windows has been ascertained, pick a base layer that works best with wood blinds and shutters. What your preferences are also matters, as some prefer base layers for shutters and curtains.

Choose a base layer
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Pick an Appropriate Top Layer

Top layers are generally soft because of the fabric; therefore, consider using valance and blinds that aren’t ‘tough.’ However, for those with bland rooms, you might want a bold blind and dark valance.

Pick Matching Colors

Since you want to pair both home treatments together, it is advisable to avoid a ‘color mismatch.’ The best way to go about this is to consider fabrics, patterns, and colors. Recommended valance with blind colors that match is violet, pink, and navy blue.

Pick matching colors
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Valances vs. Blinds

To determine how best you need valances with blinds, one has to understand their differences:

Blinds Are Cheaper

Blinds remain the cheaper home decor material to buy because it needs fewer materials to create and install. It takes about 7 to 8 minutes to fix the window frame, mounts the blinds, and other home accessories.

You should be able to get an average blind of around $50 to $89. However, this isn’t the case for valances as they are more expensive die ti materials used. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as they are fuller, more durable, and have more excellent aesthetic value.

Valances vs Blinds
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Light Control Options

Blind slats offer milder dictates for light control. Especially if you buy the Venetian blinds, they regulate entirely the amount of heat entering your room. But with valances, they should get better control, especially when used with good curtains.


Regularly, one will need to take care of their home decor as dirt settles. Blind are simpler to clean because you can just wipe the dirt without removing the blinds.

There are many affordable home cleaning appliances you can use to clean your blinds. For valances, your best bet is bringing them down because it tends to absorb more stubborn dirt.

Blind are simpler to clean
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Durable Nature

Blinds are generally known to have a greater life span than valances. They have an average life span of 18 years and above. This is because the synthetic material like aluminum, vinyl, and polymer used in manufacturing makes them more resistant to wear and tear.

However, variances are made with velvet, cotton, or silk materials which leaves them susceptible to discoloration.

Insulation and Proofreading

Both window treatment options have good insulation to regulate room temperature; however, valances perform better by reducing heat escape by 40%, compared to blinds that scored about 18% in heat reduction.

Design Varieties

Valances are available in many varieties in texture, materials, and colors than blinds. They also quickly adapt to contemporary decor styles like Hollywood glam and French country.

Valances and blinds are very important to home decorations that can be used separately or together depending on your fashion tastes.

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